BRAVO*6 lately released another nice posed Vietnam War U.S soldier with a machete in 1/35 scale and resin cast.

M1942 machete was an 18-inch steel blade with a riveted two-piece plastic handle. It was made by Australians for United States during the World War II and also used by both Army and Marine Corps soldiers during Vietnam War for clearing jungle vegetation.  Laminated cotton duck sheath was officially replaced by the plastic version in 1966.

B6-35345 Big Red One - Machete depicts a Vietnam war US soldier holding his M16A1 in left hand and carrying a machete on right hand posed to cut bushes or maybe close combat.

Kit is served in standard BRAVO*6 cardboard box labeled with a photo of the figure painted by Vladimir Demchenko, also the sculptor. Parts come in grey resin  with casting blocks and are secured in small transparent bags. Resin quality is good and casting is very clean and sharp. They will be ready to paint as removed from sprue with no need for a serious cleanwork.

Figure comes  in 13 pieces.

- Body ; He wears 1st pattern tropical jungle uniform and H-harness. Buttpack and M16 ammo cases are cast on the figure.

- Head

- Left arm holding the rifle

- Right arm carrying the machete

- M16 rifle with left hand

- Bayonet in scabbard - 2 pieces

- One quart canteen  in canvas cover - 2 pieces

- One quart canteen inside M1956 entrenching tool cover

 - M42 machete with right hand

- Machete sheath

- M1 Helmet in torn Mitchell pattern camo cover with M16 magazine 

A water-slide decal sheet with different types of insignia, ranks and nametags is given inside the kit.

Pose of figure, body proportion and balance are  well represented. Cloth folds on the tropical jungle uniform, loaded pockets, trotters inserted inside jungle boots are well defined. Details on the field gear cast on figure and supplied seperately are crisp, sharp and fit well to the holes on the body.

Facial features and are nice and hair is sculpted  which allows modeler to use the figure with or without helmet. 

This figure is another nice addition to Vietnam War jungle scenes and can make good pair with Rumble in Jungle series figures. 

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