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Bedford QLR Wireless truck was a Signals vehicle. Originally mounted on the QLC chassis/cab, special QLR chassis were soon put into production, which differed from the standard type in having special electrical equipment, radio suppression, fitted with  a 660 W auxiliary generator driven by the transfer case power-take-off, like the QLT it carried two 16 gallon petrol tanks instead of single one behind the cab. 

The interior furniture, partitioning and radio equipment varied from the different functions. On vehicles installed for the wireless role, also a tent that could be erected at the rear.

 Between cab and main body were lockers for aerial masts and other equipment. Beneath the body were further lockers and racks for cable drums, batteries, tyre chains, 20 gallon drinking water tank, rectifier box, tools, fuel tank for the auxiliary engine, jerrycans and other items. 

The basic body shells were produced by Duple, Lagonda, Mulliner, Tickford and others. 

A revised body was introduced during 1944 for the Command, High and Low Power and Wireless High Power roles. This body had an improved "L"-shaped tent which could be erected alongside the left-hand side and rear of the body.



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