Darren Baker takes a look at a recent Tankograd release covering the Australian G-Wagons.


The following introduction is as supplied by Tankograd:

Beginning in around 2000, the Australian Defence Force identified the need to replace its ageing and extensive fleet of Land Rover Perentie vehicles and associated trailers, and so work began to lay the foundations for a future acquisition of light tactical vehicles. A request for tender drew several responses, with Mercedes-Benz winning the competition with its G-Wagon. The final contracts covered G-Wagon variants in both 4x4 and 6x6configurations, with the latter chassis being developed specifically by Mercedes-Benz for the Australian customer. This publication covers, for the very first time and in impressive exercise photographs, all eleven 4x4 and 6x6 G-Wagon variants fielded by the Australian military today.


This offering from Tankograd is dedicated to covering the Australian G-Wagons and the roles they have taken on as a replacement for the Land Rover Perentie fleet that served so many roles. This offering is authored by Gordon Arthur who over 64 pages takes you through the Australian change of vehicle. The book is a soft backed book with a card cover that provides a reasonable level of protection for the contents. This is offering is one of the duel language books

 Australian Defence Force G-Wagons

1.     Protected Vehicles

2.    G-Wagon Trials

3.    G-Wagon Technical Description

4.    G-wagon Introduction

5.    Fleet Management

6.    Variants

7.    Trailers

G-Wagon, Truck, Lightweight (4x4), Single Cab,

G-Wagon, Truck, Lightweight (4x4), Single Cab

G-Wagon, Truck, Lightweight (4x4), Duel Cab, Station Wagon (4x4)

G-Wagon, Truck, Light (6x6), Single Cab, Carryall Transporter (6x6)

G-Wagon, Truck, Light (6x6), Duel Cab, Cargo (6x6)

G-Wagon, Truck, Light (6x6), Duel Cab, Canine

G-Wagon, Truck, Light (6x6), Duel Cab, Command Post Mobile

G-Wagon, Truck, Light (6x6), Single Cab, Ambulance

G-Wagon, Truck, Light (6x6), Single Cab, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

G-Wagon, Truck, Light (6x6), Duel Cab, Line Laying

G-Wagon, Truck, Light (6x6), Duel Cab, General Maintenance Vehicle


 The Australian military seems to rarely get the attention it deserves, I don’t know if that is due to publishers or the military themselves. One company that has taken it on themselves to address that issue is Tankograd and has now looked at the Australian G-Wagon fleet and the roles they perform. The information is presented as laid out above with the numbered sections being the written content and the standard list the photographic elements.

The author has tackled a vehicle that performs a good number of roles and so no easy task to cover in 64 pages, but he has done a good job here. I accept that the G-Wagon is not the sexiest of military vehicles, but it is one you are more likely to see due to its varied roles in service. The text is well written and presented providing a good deal of information; the section covering variants being a good example of clear and precise information.

The photographic sections are the area the modellers want to see and they will not be disappointed. The photographs are of a high quality and all offer great visual reference of all types in use. The photographs are all provided with a caption that is also provided in the duel language format and so broadening their use and appeal. While this is a subject I am unlikely to cover I do like that Tankograd has provided a walk around of one type covering specific areas in high detail that I feel will be of great help.


Tankograd is one of those companies that cover a huge spectrum in a similar style at an affordable price; they basically offer a good reference book that for the modeller is well presented in visual reference, plus it is a third of the cost of the average model currently. This book and the offerings generally from Tankograd look to provide the individual with aback ground on a subject and provide visual knowledge at the same time are on a budget, and I have to say that this title has covered a lot to a good standard.



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