Here we take a look at a new and unusual figure offering from Gecko Models in 1/35th scale offering titled 'Allied Casualties on Stretchers World War 2'.


This offering from Gecko Models, arrives in a flip top cardboard tray and an additional end opening card carton. Inside are 2 Ziploc plastic bags, one containing the plastic elements, the other a small photo etched fret. There are 6 stretchers inside the set, 3 deployed and 3 folded for storage. All of the stretchers have photo etched feet, which are C-shaped in nature. There are also spreader bars present in photo etch to be used on the deployed stretchers, which holds them in the open position. 

I was under the impression that German stretchers are also very similar to this and as such could be used for any European forces during WW2 and even the Korean War. The detail present is of a very high standard and I particularly like that the deployed stretchers have a rippled finish to the cloth aspect. The figures consist of three differently moulded individuals with separate heads and rolled blankets being used as pillows. Facial details are of a high standard, and the blankets covering the bodies of the soldiers have nice cloth appearance to them due to the crease detail. The rolled blanket pillows also feature that same nice detail with a recessed area where the head lays. 

Other than the fact that you are instructed to paint the blankets grey, which I believe was the colour of German blankets and later British rough blankets used in later years. These blankets were so rough, that jailed soldier prisoners used to shave the blankets and mix it with the minimal tobacco they had to smoke. 


Looking at what is presented here, I am very pleased with the offering. I see nothing that specifically makes this an Allied casualty set, with the possible exception of the design of the stretchers. The addition of equipment to indicate the nationality and time period are all you really need to add.



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