Marking set for 25 PzDiv, Jnojmo 1945 and Unprecedented FULL battalion (3 sets) for sAbt 503 Tiger Is, Kursk Offensive 1943.


Hi Folks, it's been a long while. New Releases are finally here, together with 2 reprints.



I've to admit, it's been tough going for sAbt 503 sets (processed from tonnes of information, gathered way way way back).  Project started in 2022.  I can finally announce them now!  The UNPRECEDENTED release of markings for an ENTIRE Schwere PanzerAbteilung, during the KURSK offensive 1943 (Operation Citadel) - all specific vehicle options, no generics for you wreck your brains with, whatsoever!   If you want all 3 and do not wish to be disappointed, please get them early.  Or else you'll be left with remnant sets.  These are finely printed in Czech Republic, that means very limited sets (they have ceilings for a single print run).  A number of sets from the same printer has gone out of print recently.

1. Kompanie

2. Kompanie & Stabskompanie

3. Kompanie


More sets are in the works, hope to crank them out soonest possible.  Thanks for the grand support so far!

For the full range, please drop by:

Happy modelling!

Lawrence Goh

Echelon Fine Details



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