Zvezda's 1/72 scale BMPT 'Terminator'.

This model was supplied to Armorama as a review sample and was the subject of a build log on the old Armorama site in 2017.  Although construction and painting were virtually finished back then, I've only just got around to completing it over the last year.  The kit goes together very well in terms of fit and moulding and is nicely detailed (although I believe may suffer from some accuracy issues in terms of hull dimensions).   Part of the delay in completion was that I created a problem for myself by using automotive red oxide as a primer.  Due to the nature of the construction, parts like the side skirts, the bar armour and the rocket launchers, need to be painted before being assembled.  The red primer was easily dissolved by the liquid cement, creating a bit of a mess when attaching painted parts, and also the camo  paint was easily damaged.  This meant that parts were difficult to attach accurately and securely, and then lots of touching up of damaged paint was needed.  In some ways it was made more difficult by several small attachment points and some quite fiddly construction, but mainly it was a problem of my own making. 

I used the DN Models paint mask set for the camouflage, although if you care to look at the blog, you'll see that I used those pre-cut masks as templates with which cut out masks from Tamiya masking tape.  The masking tape was more flexible and  sticky than the masks in the set, but the set was still useful and saved me from having to draw the pattern up myself.   Quite happy with the outcome of the camouflage scheme, even if I did go totally cheapskate by using what paints I had around, instead of buying more authentic colours, hence the somewhat greyish look of the base colour (yes, Tamiya Deck Tan).



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