How to make Amusing Hobby kit bit dirty...

Hi there !

I'm Przemo from Poland... and I want to show you my recent work... I'm in stage of testing new way of my modelling... I drop all old habits... well bad habits... and now I want to make something what I "feel in my bones & heart".  Number on for Red Primer project I used Amusing Hobby kit...

It is very nice kit, but really a little bit to expensive for that simple, totally empty inside kit.

But okay... If you enter my profile - you can find link to my private fb account, of course 90 % of it is about modelling. Second link is for my Patreon page - there you have all step by step of that model kit - whole painting & weathering process... Also you can support me there - my only goal for now - earn some money to buy solid video recorder... Then I will be able to show you my world of scale modelling... so important part of my life, like I said at the beginning. 

Also you can type: Blitz Creations on TikTok, I'm there also :)

Model was painted with Tamiya acrylics... base color of my red primer is always XF-7... then I can do rest crazy things to make that, or other way of painting and later weathering my miniatures...

That is purpose of my life... till the end !

P.S. When I writing that description - I already finished second model kit for my "Red Primer Project"... same starting paint... but later I completely choose different way...


Przemo Mrożek - Blitz Creations



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