Gaz Tigr 233115 used by Russian Specnaz. I layed my nippers on the plastic early February this year and more or less in the middle of the build the invasion started. Wasn’t feeling that this project shall be completed but somehow I have decided that I will finish it and place on a vignette in Ukraine. I pushed myself from my comfort zone, there were many "first times". Lots of lessons on mistakes and advices from more experienced modellers whom I would like to say "huge thank You Guys!"

Model is build on Meng kit, turret came from Live-resin, wheels from DEF, PE from ET, dashboard interior Quinta studio, lights from SKP, figure and decals on it are from Live Resin. Vignette is cut out from styrofoam, covered with various acrylic pastes and lots of stuff from the garden. The concrete parts of the ditch, as well as the road-sign are made from  plastic sheets.



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