Here we take a look at a nice offering from ICM in 1/35th scale titled 'World War II German Military Medical Personnel'.


In Wehrmacht, the direct medical care for wounded soldiers on the battlefield was provided by medics who were part of platoons, companies, and battalions. They could be distinguished from ordinary infantrymen by their special medical pouches, additional water flasks, patches, and armbands. They were also able to evacuate the wounded to first aid stations or collection points. Infantry companies also included non-commissioned officers of the medical service, and at the battalion level, a military doctor (Assistenz or Oberarzt) was responsible for centralized medical care. However, it was not possible to carry out serious medical operations in the battalion; this was the responsibility of the divisional medical service, which could also include sanitary convoys that were engaged in the centralized transportation of the wounded.


This offering from ICM arrives in the usual way of a cardboard flip top box and a card lid showing the artwork. Inside is a single plastic bag containing 3 sprues, an examination of the sprues reveals no major issues with regards to moulding with the exception of some flash - which I would not expect to see on newly moulded figures. 

Looking at the detail on the uniform, I believe this represents early German uniform due to the cut of the breast pockets and the high leg German boots. Both of these are features that started to disappear as resources dwindled. The medical crew consisting of 3 figures would appear to be a medic and 2 standard infantry men standing in to assist. The only thing that indicates medical crew is the armband that is embossed as is the cross on it. I would have preferred decals to represent this rather than the embossed cross, but it does make painting an easier task for the modeller. The wounded infantry soldier is a particularly nice offering, as his Y shaped webbing has been removed and laid to one side. His injuries are to his left leg and right arm, and he has a cannula inserted into his left arm with one of the figures having a bottle drip - you will need to show the connection between the bottle and the cannula. A headrest has been made using what looks to be a blanket wrapped around some corn/grass. 

Taking a look for insignia, I do notice that the person I have described as the medic has an Iron cross and an infantry assault badge. Other than the German eagle attached above the right breast pocket, no other insignia is present. Hand and facial detail is pleasing, as the injured individual does have facial features indicating pain with the 3 medical troops having neutral appearances to them. Included in this box are a number of weapons in the form of: MG34 with separate breach, the options of a deployed or folded bi-pod, MP40 with separate stock, ammunition pouches are provided for the 2 hand weapons and 2 lengths of ammunition belts are provided for the MG34 and 2 additional magazines cases are supplied as well. The last weaponry consists of 3 holstered side arms and 3 bayonets in their scabbards. In addition to these pieces, you have 4 steel helmets, 3 entrenchment tools, 3 water canteens, 2 set of binoculars, 3 gas mask containers, 3 mess tin sets and a binocular case. Obviously you would only require 1 weapon as medical troops would be shot if seen carrying firearms. 


This figure set from ICM is a nice set for what it represents, as medical troops rarely get released. They are useful for creating a scene. The inclusion of the choice of weapons for the injured soldier is good and of course gives you a wide selection of weapons and equipment that can be used as required for any scene of the modellers choice. My only disappointment is the amount of flash on some of the figure elements. 



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