Here we take a look at a new release from ICM in the form of a World War II British Mobile Chapel in 1/35th scale.


This introduction is as supplied by ICM:

Chevrolet started manufacturing the G506 all-wheel drive trucks in late 1939. These 1.5-ton trucks were equipped with a 3.9-litre six-cylinder petrol engine, delivering 83 hp. The military designated these truck models as G7107 (without a winch) and G7117 (with a winch). The majority of these trucks were provided to the Allies under the lend-lease program. They were utilized for personnel and cargo transportation, and also as platforms for various equipment.

An unusual variant was the British Army’s G7117 truck, which was transformed into a mobile field chapel for conducting services in the field. The enclosed body housed a small camp altar with the necessary service equipment, and space for a harmonium. One such vehicle was observed at the location of British units in North Africa in 1943.


This soft skinned truck release from ICM in 1/35th scale features all of the nice parts of ICM releases. So you have the multi part chassis, which while requiring more care to assemble and pays off as it does provide a higher level of detail. You also have the full engine and gearbox, only requiring the addition of cabling to result in a very highly detailed model. The cab interior has all of the details I would expect to find including decals for the instrument dials. Anyone who has read my reviews knows that I prefer seats that show a little bit of wear however the modeller will need to add that is this case. The rear bed of the truck which features the elements that give the model its title have been well tackled, with the religious elements having been well considered. Something that will please many modellers is that there are no vinyl rubber tyres in this release. ICM has provided a single finishing option for this model titled British Army mobile chapel WWII. The moulding has been well done, but I wish that they would not pack all of the sprues into a single bag, due to the risk of damage this causes. 


The detail is of an acceptable standard and of the quality I have come to expect from ICM offerings. The Christian religious elements have been well tackled and do the job of quickly identifying the purpose of the vehicle. Finally the effort put into the hidden and rarely seen areas of a vehicle in model form offers up lots of options as to how the model is finally displayed from heavily damaged to pristine. 



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