Darren Baker takes a look at wooden barrels in 1/35th scale from MiniArt.


In the present day wooden barrels are associated with the storage and aging of spirits. Were they add flavour and colour to the liquids. In the past wooden barrels were used for the storage of many liquids which still covered spirits but also beer, water and even food. Salted food was often kept in wooden barrels, and so despite this offering from MiniArt being aimed at the WWI/WWII period without using the decals provided, they could be used to cover a very wide period of history.


This offering from MiniArt is provided in one on MiniArt’s end opening card cartons, which many will know I am not a fan of, due to the risk of crush damage. With that said it does present the product in a pleasing manner. Inside the box is a single plastic bag containing six identical sprues. An examination of these sprues reveals no issues that I can detect.

This offering from MiniArt provides you with twelve barrels in two sizes, that have been split in half to be put together, separate wooden end caps are provided, and due to a wooden structure being provided on the interior face of the wooden barrels means you can display it on its end with one end removed, and it being partially empty or being used as a storage container for any number of items. The barrel being split in to two halves does mean that the modeller will need to make sure that the metal bands that hold the wooden planks together will need to have the joint seam hidden on that aspect only. The sealed opening used to fill the barrels with liquids has been replicated and is pleasing to see, the rack for supporting the barrel on the ground is also provided in the set for all barrels. If you wish to show the barrels stacked remember that only the ground one has the frame under it, and the rest stack pyramid style, to avoid wasted space. Another nice aspect of this set from MiniArt is that a tap has been provided for every one of the barrels, and is another very nice inclusion. A decal sheet is provided with six different designs covering the alcohol of choice originally stored. 



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