Paracel Miniatures released two war reporter figures available in different scales.

War reporters / correspondents are representatives of the media who, in case of an international armed conflict, are accredited to and accompany the armed forces without being members thereof. They cover stories first-hand from a war zone. Their job bring them to the most conflict-ridden parts of the world. Once there, they attempt to get close enough to the action to provide written accounts, photos, or film footage. Thus, this is often considered the most dangerous form of journalism.

Paracel Miniatures lately released a lady war reporter and her cameraman that can be used in different modern conflicts. 

Figures are 3D designed by Giang Xuan Le as most of the latest Paracel figures. They are available in 1/35, 1/48 and 1/72 scales. 1/35 figures are resin cast from 3D print masters and other two scales are original 3D prints.

Figures are separately sold in 1/35 scale and as 2-figure kits in other scales.

MW3550 War Reporter Sunny

MW3551 War Reporter Big Daddy

Both figures wear Ballistic Armor Vests with big, removable, velcro PRESS labels in front and back and PASGT helmets with 4 studs.

They are cast in resin in 1/35 scale and each comes in 3 parts ; body, helmet and hands with cameras.

Note that hands with camera on both figures will need extra care when removing from sprue and assemblying as some parts looks fragile.

Lady Sunny wears a long sleeved shirt, blue jeans and high boots. Besides well defined facial details on her cute face and crisp cloth folds; details like shemag/ neck scarf with tassels on her  neck, cloth cellular phone case in front, personal bag hang on the left side with strap crossed on right shoulder and pose of hands with camera are all well represented. 

Cameraman Big Daddy's  facial details are well sculpted and  shows a well aged and experienced look. He wears a T-shirt, cargo pants with loaded side pockets and tough boots. Loaded pockets of ballistic vest, camcorder bag on the back with strap crossed on right shoulder, battery pack on the left, wrist watch, hands with camcorder and teddy bear with chain hang on the left side are all well defined.

These are very nice posed, well designed and cast 1/35 scale figures that can be used in many different modern conflicts. 

Giang Xuan Le displayed them on a Syrian War diorama.  - City of Ashes .



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