Here we take a look at ICM's latest offering covering the war in their country 'War has no Gender - Service Women of the Armed Forces of Ukraine'.


The following introduction is taken from the ICM website:

As of October 2023, there were almost 43 thousand female servicemen in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ukraine has one of the highest rates of women in the armed forces among the armies of the world, including NATO armies. In the past, women primarily served in auxiliary positions such as doctors, signalmen, or cooks. However, with the onset of full-scale hostilities in February 2022, more and more women have taken on combat roles such as driving combat vehicles, operating grenade launchers, machine guns, snipers, and drones. Many women also serve as commanders of combat vehicles, units, and reconnaissance groups. Lieutenant General Serhiy Naiev, the Commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, emphasizes, “What unites them all is that they are true Ukrainian women who could not stay at home when their Motherland cried out for help to the world. We have noticed and felt how our women have toughened and transformed during a year and a half of large-scale invasion, surpassing, in my opinion, the legendary Amazons.”


At the current time, women joining the armed forces of various nations are joining various units rather than a specific female corps. The women in modern day combat are rarely replicated with Israeli figures being the only one that I can think of having been covered. In this release from ICM the women fighting for Ukraine finally get some recognition, for their presence in the field. All 4 figures are wearing camouflage uniform with standard green T-shirts. Over the T-shirts body armour has been replicated and pleasingly various types of body armour is shown worn, which to my mind is recognition that equipment is being supplied from many sources and countries. 2 of the women have no head gear on, and are depicted taking a “selfie” of the pair with one holding a puppy. The helmets that they should be wearing are clipped to their body armour but it is not obvious how this is being achieved. The other 2 figures in this set are wearing cloth peaked caps, which are provided as separate mouldings, but I would have liked to have seen combat helmets included as an option for them.

The strange part here, is that the figure who is stood launching a drone and the other sat operating the drone are provided with 2 head options. 1 for wearing the cloth peaked cap, the other with helmet straps in place for use with a combat helmet. However, only 2 combat helmets are provided and these are needed for the other 2 figures, and so I see this as an oversight on the part of ICM. Looking at the hand and facial detail on this figure set the hands and in particular the fingers is well replicated, as regards both the bare hands and those in combat gloves. The faces are good in that the 2 taking the “selfie” do look as if they are smiling, and with careful painting do have the possibility  to be feminine.

The 2 with bare heads, have been provided with tied back ponytails with the 2 shown with the drones - one also has a tied back ponytail, the other has her hair tied back in a bun - which I feel is more suitable for showing someone in combat. Taken as a whole the figures are generally pleasing, and I like the mix of in and out of combat. It is just a pity, that insufficient helmets are provided for the figures. Included with the figures themselves, are 2 drones in multi part that will require a lot of care during removal and clean up. A nice touch with the drones is that a carry case is provided separately and so could be depicted as having a drone packed inside prior to launching, also included are 4 rifles, I believe these to be AEK-971 with a short barrel and a skeleton stock that are rather well moulded. 


This offering from ICM despite received some negative comments when announced but I feel this is a rather pleasing offering. The issue of the missing helmets is a  bit of a headache and disappointment, but it is not insurmountable. The detail is pleasing, the fact that the females have not been made to look like super models and so look more natural in this release. The mix of in and out of combat is a nice touch and so has a lot to recommend this release. 



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