In this review we take a look at a MiniArt release in 1/35th scale of a diorama element featuring Vegetables and Wooden Crates


This offering from MiniArt in 1/35th scale provides the modeller with vegetables for stowage or being shown for sale in a diorama. The parts are provided in a single plastic bag in one of the end opening cartons preferred by MiniArt. A visually informative artwork is on the front, with assembly of the elements covered on the rear. 

The kit is provided on six grey sprues, four of these are identical covering the wooden crates, giving you sixteen crates assembled from separate bases and sides with a good level of detail provided. The actual meat of this release, or should that be vegetables?, is provided on two identical sprues that provide fourteen pre shaped loose vegetable elements, these are as follows- Egg plants (for everybody else Aubergine), bell peppers, potatoes, cucumbers, onions, carrots, tomatoes and loosely for display in the remaining two crates beetroot. I like the fact that MiniArt has provided some of these vegetables individually moulded, that could serve the purpose of items that are being packaged as sold, or to give the crates your own personal look, to do away with the uniformity that would otherwise be present. Two larger items are included, which are pumpkins and what I would refer to a peanut squash, and these are again very well detailed. 


This is one of those items from MiniArt that is only usually available in resin. To make the most of this product, your painting ability will determine just how good the elements in this product will look, but it is a very nice release for adding life to a scene, and I cannot really think of any negative aspects to this release. 



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