New set with 8 references for painting combat vehicles, trucks or artillery pieces used during WWII by the French army.

The French army did not have exact chromatic correspondence charts, we know of some tones and their names from written archives, such as the Bleu and the Vert Olive Mat, used before the 2nd World War, or rather undefined names such as the Vert Olive reglamentaire or the Vert Armée. Their camouflage schemes, used on cars, trucks, light vehicles and even artillery pieces were elaborate and achieved the disruptive effect with positive results, sometimes combining up to five tones. 

Four other shades are seen as early as the 1930s, the Vert Olive Mat 2, the Ocher Jaune, Brun (a reddish-brown hue) and the Vert Claire.

The set includes these 8 references from the Model Air range in 17 ml format:

71.106 Ivory RLM05
71.101 Light Blue RLM78
71.037 Mud Brown
71.044 Grey RLM02
71.006 Light Green Chromate
71.092 Medium Olive
71.013 Yellow Olive
71.057 Black



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