Here we take a closer look at the latest Unimog from ICM in 1/35th scale with the Unimog S404 German Military Radio Truck version.


The following introduction is taken from the ICM website:

In addition to the standard truck versions of the Unimog S, there was quite common among army cars a body-van (‘Koffer’) variant. Some 16,000 vehicles were fitted with these body variants, and they had the longest service life among Unimog S series truck. Most of these vehicles were used as radio communication machines. They were easily distinguished by their special type of hatches, antenna nests on the roof, and a complex large antenna on the rear wall of the body. Internal equipment included various radio stations such as EM 25, SEM 25 or SEM 25. The colouring of the radios was standard for the Bundeswehr, initially it was the standard olive colour RAL 6014, which in the 1980s was gradually replaced by a tricolor camouflage variant. The car was popular in the Bundeswehr and was used by various units until the late 1990s.


This offering from ICM that I believe is the 4th Unimog from them in 1/35th scale, arrives in a flip top cardboard tray with an additional card lid. The contents are packaged in a single plastic bag, there is an additional plastic bag in there containing the clear sprue. Due to the number of releases of this base vehicle, the number of do not use parts is increasing. The moulds are holding up well, with my only concern being the number of gates between the sprue and the moulded part where finely moulded parts are concerned. The decal sheet is inside the instruction booklet, which is fine as long as it never gets wet. 

The chassis in this release is a multi part affair, and so very good replication of the detail at the cost of care being required due to having to get the alignment of the various parts correct. A well detailed engine and gearbox is provided, but displaying this will not be an easy option. Some elements could be enhanced by the use of photo etch, but as you cannot really display it I am more than happy with what the kit provides. I am very pleased with the engine and oily parts, but the tyres will cause some to be upset as they are vinyl rubber.  

The cab detail is I believe the same as previous releases. The tread plate has been well replicated, and I am happy that the details are accurate with decals supplied for the instrument clusters. The only two gripes being, is the new look of the seats and the lack of seatbelts. The clear parts are of a reasonable thickness and clarity, and it should be noted that the roof on this is a canvas one rather than metal. The cabin containing the radio equipment is devoid of all internal detail and I still think that ICM missed a trick by not including any interior detail, as I think this would have appealed greatly to modellers. The external detail is good throughout, I will admit there are some elements that would have been better in photo etch but I suspect that all of that will come along soon. My only concern with reference to the number of gates to fine mouldings really comes into play where the ariels are concerned as there are 6 connections, plus a flow nipple and so I suspect that the parts will either be broken or distorted. 

ICM has provided 4 finishing options, and these are as follows:

5th Signal Battalion, 5th Tank Division, Dietz, Early 1970s

74th Fighter Squadron, Germany, 1970s

77th Artillery Regiment, 7th Panzer Division, Trutzige sachsen exercise, Northern Germany, 1985

12th Air Defence Regiment, Hardhiem, 1991


This is another nice addition to the Unimog family from ICM, but I really do feel that internal structures in the radio cab should be provided in the kit to some degree. The faults or concerns that would be more accurate will matter to some, but not to others in many cases. If I had to criticise one thing that should be present and is not, is the internal radio cab detail and so with that highlighted it is up to you. But the price is fair for a model like this.



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