UZI Decals is a series of Elefant Corporation Ltd. focused exclusively on IDF decals. The first release in the series is Ultimate IDF Armor Decal Set (UZI35001), a set which provides markings for various IDF insignia, stencils and labels.


The set is packed in a large resealable plastic bag. It contains a waterslide decal sheet and an instruction leaflet.

The decal sheet is in 215 x 175mm format and includes >500 decals each on its own individual carrier film. The selection of decals is huge and covers:

- command insignia

- bumper stickers

- oil cans

- speed limit stencils

- tire pressure stencils

- various stencils used on IDF vehicles

- first aid kit stencils

- vehicle weight stencils

- fire extinguisher labels

- “keep distance” stencils

- ammo boxes stencils (105mm, 60mm, 7.62mm, 5.56mm)

- smoke grenade can

- TOW ammo tubes

- TOW nitrogen bottle

- stencil for rocket launcher

- Israeli beverages

- ration boxes

- generic numbers and צ letters

Printed by Cartograph in high-quality, the registration is perfect with the colors looking vivid and well saturated. The decals should be easy to work with using standard waterslide decal application techniques.

The instruction sheet contains a legend which explains what the decals represent and provides a short guide on applying the waterslide decals.

Altogether, this set delivers a lot of different and colorful decals which should provide additional focal points to various IDF models. Highly recommended.


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