Here we take a look at two of the 3D printed figures from FC Model Trend in the form of 'UK Infantry WW2 Set 2'.


FC Model Trend is begun producing a lot of releases in various scales using the 3D printing technique. This method has previously disappointed in some instances, due to there being an obvious layer mark between one layer and the next, an issue that I am pleased to say does not affect releases from FC Model Trend. One of the recent releases using this technique is UK Infantry WW2 Set 2 in 1/35th scale.


This release from FC Model Trend arrives in a stiff plastic blister box, containing two 3D printed resin figures on a moulding plate with the various arms between the figures and the plate. The figures themselves are fully moulded and require no assembly, just clean up. 

The two figures in this release initially did very little for me as the detail looked to be soft and as such disappointing. However, I gave these two figures a quick blow over with some Tamiya fine surface primer and as the old saying goes “what a difference it makes”. The primer has made the detail on the figures pop and gives the modeller a much better idea of exactly what they have to work with. The figures are both in a standing position, wearing the European field battle dress, with the short battle dress jacket. Pocket detail on both trousers and jacket appear appropriate for the uniform depicted. The lace up boots and putties are very good, with tread detail and instep present. A very fine rendition of the gaiters which are the 1944 pattern and also very similar to the RAF ankle gaiters, that piece of information plants these figures in a D-Day and onwards period. The helmet depicted does not have the nipple on the centre top, which I believe is an indicator of a late war helmet.

I believe the webbing provided on these two figures is the 1937 pattern, with the two rifle ammo pouches on the front, the rucksack at the rear high up on the back and in one case only a water canteen with the webbing that supported the canteen being very well depicted. The only aspects that concern me slightly, is that I was expecting to find a pick elf and/or shovel. But despite their absence they could be easily added. The short Magazine Lee Enfield (SMLE) is well depicted along its entire length, but the muzzle will require some very careful clean up which will test you, as I think it will be very easy to break or distort this aspect of the rifles. Back to the bright side, the moulded weapons slings are a fantastic aspect of this release that I cannot think that anybody will dislike. The hand and facial detail are of a very good standard, which as I said earlier is not appreciated until you get some primer on the figures. The only real complaint I can level at these attributes of the figures is that the hair definition at the rear appears to be weak.


These two offering from FC Model Trend were initially disappointing to me visually. However, a dusting with the Tamiya fine surface primer completely changed my opinion as it brought the detail that is present to life, and the difference I hope can be seen in the photographs provided showing before and after the dusting. The details provided appear to be accurate and natural, with the absence of the entrenchment tools being my only concern. The details that I feel mark these out as a quality offering are the detail on the gaiters and the sling detail on the webbing and rifles. 

OF NOTE: is that the detail card is for the other set of figures, and this set should be listed as Set 2



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