Here we get a look at a Zvezda offering of the Typhoon VDV 4x4 K-4386 in 1/35th scale that I believe is popular with Russian special forces.


The following introduction is as provided by Zvezda:  

The Typhoon-K family of 4x4 and 6x6 armoured cars is one of the most common MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected) armoured vehicles of the Russian army. K-4386 4x4 Typhoon VDV is the only MRAP armoured vehicle in the world that has the capability of parachute dropping. It is designed to transport personnel and cargo, various combat systems and weapons can be installed. The Typhoon is capable of achieving a maximum speed of 130 KMH and has a range of 1,200 KM. It is fitted with 2 fuel tanks with a capacity of 180 ltrs each.


This offering from Zvezda arrives in an end opening card carton, inside of which is a flip top cardboard tray, this results in a good level of protection for the contents. The contents are supplied in 2 plastic bags, and 2 Ziploc bags. Looking at the parts, access is good for removal, the gates are small in size and not excessive in quantity. The only things I see that may need to be tackled as regards moulding are some ejector pin marks - however nothing beyond standard modelling skills should be required. 

Unusually staring with the interior of the model - That is difficult to find good reference for on-line. This area replicates that you have room for 6 troops sitting down the sides of the rear and 2 seats facing forward at the front. The detail of the seats would appear to be accurate - think of the racing style of seat you would expect to see in some cars. No seat restraints are provided, and looking at on-line reference I can see that a 3 point harness with quick release centre punch button should be present - but is not replicated in any way. Interior wall detail is provided on the mouldings and via additional parts, but I do not want to commit myself to the accuracy of these aspects as my knowledge is limited, and good reference is also difficult to come by. An instrument panel cluster is provided via a decal, the glass in the vehicle is a ballistic glass, and on-line images clearly show the green tint that is common to this type of glass, and will need to be replicated as the provided option is clear. I seem to recall being told, that the green tint is caused by the thickness of the glass, rather than a specific colour being added. 

Entrance to and from the vehicle are via side doors at the front, and a single door in the rear. These have been provided as separate mouldings and so if you wish to show the interior it is not a difficult procedure. The underside of the vehicle has a good representation of the armoured plate designed to make a blast go out to the side rather than up into the vehicle. Detail on the underside of the vehicle is mostly hidden by this armoured plate and nothing particularly outstanding is on display. I do believe that the front wheels can be shown turned left or right, although this is not indicated in the instructions, a look at the parts indicates to me that it is possible - if not intended. The wheels themselves are a very hard vinyl rubber and are solid in construction, which while this may not please many the tread and side wall detail looks good - although I am sure that after market options will become available. The wheel hubs are designed to trap the tyres between front and rear, with good detail on the exterior face. 

The body exterior is made up of a surprising number of parts, and leads me to believe that Zvezda may have more releases planned in the future. Two pods sit on the rear of the vehicle, and taking a guess at what they represent the one on the right with the cooling vents maybe an air conditioner and the left side something to do with communications. 

This vehicle has its own offensive/defensive capabilities via a remote controlled turret mounting a machine gun and cannon. The turret itself is sizeable, with good exterior detail in this release and even has smoke grenade launchers mounted on each side of the turret. Protruding inside the body of the vehicle is a cone, with an access hatch which I believe will be for maintenance and ammunition replenishment - Also judging by the look of the turret spent cartridges will be retained and obviously will need to be removed at the same time are re-arming. The size of this turret with the cannon barrel poking out the front. Give this model a very unique appearance. 

Two finishing options are provided, but no details are provided on what they represent. However one is a Russian green option, which due to the decal on the side of it is a May Day parade finish. The other finish is a camouflaged option, but beyond saying an “in the field” option is all I can say.


Zvezda are releasing some very good models of late, it is just a pity that due to the situation in Eastern Europe that obtaining them is becoming problematic. This release is one of their own I believe and clearly shows how far they have come with their products. I am becoming a fan of their efforts, as ease of construction and level of detail make for a good model, with my complaints being limited to the lack of information on the finishing options, and I cannot fault them anywhere else with my knowledge of the vehicle.



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