The Monster of Remote Times, the Last Colossus of an Era, the T10M in 1/35 by MENG.

Hi Pals,

For this somewhat Soviet occasion, it is the MENG brand T10M, a bit modern for my taste, but still "tank-shaped" ... lol

It is my first kit of this brand, and already quite an expensive one (to be 1/35 and without interiors), although I got it at a "reasonable" price.
I have waited until I have more skill and materials, trying not to spoil a quality kit and not an "oldie" (not that I like that, of course ...).

It really is a very good kit compared to others that I have already made, even the tracks, without being made of metal, are very interesting, with their assembly system (thank goodness that specific parts are included for it).
Although they are obviously quite delicate, and once finished, it was very difficult for me not to "open" somewhere ...

The suspension is also "functional", the detail is very cool ...

For me the instructions are somewhat confusing in very small parts, which makes you have to use a magnifying glass to study well how that piece is going and where exactly, nothing like Tamiya's (IMHO, the best for me).

For the rest, it is a very simple kit to assemble, since its fit is very good, I do not remember big problems.

At the time of painting, I saw finished models before, and I tried some shades of green, but it was darkening terribly, and when the weathering was done ... the result was not going to be very striking.

Once clean (I don't remember if it was once or twice), I opted for a lighter base color, to be able to work on color modulation and subsequent weathering, trying to make the previous work visible and not look too dark.

I opted for a weathering that can be "seen", because although it seems that these tanks only entered "action" when Prague, their optional career has been very long, so although they have not entered real combat, the maneuvers must have been numerous and constant throughout all that time ...

I include some photos of real vehicles, in which you can see what I comment, vehicles in maneuvers, and in "dirty" and "dusty" terrain, which will undoubtedly make the vehicle look well "wehathered" before going to the maintenance workshop ...LOL

I hope you like it, and thank you very much for watching and commenting as always.

Cheers and TC



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