Darren Baker takes a look at a Kagero title courtesy of Casemate under the title of 'The German Armoured Infantry Support Gun - Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar'.


Kagero have a good number of books available that would appeal to the modeller. One of these series is called Topdrawings and covers military vehicles, aircraft and ships, in a way that makes them extremely valuable to the modeller who wishes to take accuracy to the level that meets their approval. The book we are looking at here covers Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar and so as you can see will covers very large subjects.


Kagero is a series of soft backed books with card covers that offer adequate protection. This offering has 24 pages with which to provide you with the information. These books are printed in duel language with English on the right and Polish on the left. Inside there is a single fold out sheet, and a poster. The author of this release is Krzysztof Mucha. 

The information is this release is presented to the reader via line drawings. In the middle there are eight coloured profiles showing the vehicle from the side only. The line drawings at the start of the book are all provided in 1/35th scale, and unusually covers line drawings showing the vehicle at an angle, which will help the modeller with part placement. Alterations to the Brummbar are covered in this addition, with a lot of effort put in to the rear of the vehicle, where alterations were more varied than I believed. Various wheel patterns used on the vehicle are covered, in a very unusual scale of one 1/17.5 - which is a really odd scale. I will say that having been tackled in the quite large scale, variation to vehicle details are easily picked out, and so potentially modified by the modeller. 

The fold out sheet offered in this release is roughly A2 in size, and presents the vehicle in its various forms of 1/72nd scale, and there are two large drawings showing the area where the convoy light is located in great detail for no obvious reason that I am aware of. The glossy poster in the book, show a vehicle in a Winter setting, which is quite appealing. 


This is another nice release from Kagero, as part of the Topdrawings series of books. The Brummbar is not one of my favourite vehicles of WWII, but its unusual shape has attracted a following with a number of manufacturers having released scale models of it. If as a modeller this vehicle appeals to you, then this title from Kagero will enable you to alter aspects of it and enable to present an accurate scale model of the variant of your choice.



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