Here we get a look at a support stand for Tamiya Cement and Micro sol and Micro set from 3DSG Printing Services.


I recently Purchased a plastic product for holding the Tamiya square bottles and the Micro Sol round bottles. My reasoning was simple and it is to help prevent spillages which can be a pain and if it lands on your latest masterpiece a catastrophe. The plastic holder is a professional looking 3D printed hollow product from 3DSG Printing Services and obtained from Ebay. The service and packing was simple and survived the rigours of the postal services in the UK.

The offering from 3DSG Printing Services is a robust product that has no sharp edges with edges curved except on the base, even the locations for the consumables have smooth edges to them. The bottles intended for use with this product are securely supported and to knock them over will require the whole product be knocked off of your work space. This has been considered by 3DSG Printing Services as four feet are attached on the underside which I believe are silicone.

I have had a play with this product and found that AK Interactive square bottles fit perfectly, but the square recesses are a little too small to take the square bottles from Mr Hobby which is another manufacturers products I like to use. 3DSG Printing Services has released a number of products for the modeller and so other options are possible as time goes on. Another choice for the modeller is that you can decide on a colour preference.


This product from 3DSG Printing Services for the purposes of preventing spillages of Tamiya Cement and Micro sol and Micro set products will and does perform as intended. I found my purchase and speed of delivery a pleasing experience and so no issues on that front. This only leaves price considerations and with this product costing me £10 and currently on offer for £9 and cannot find any negatives to complain about.



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