There is a new useful tool for holding your models while building and painting, see all the information here.

This is a multi-functional jig designed with the purpose of helping scale modellers during both the assembly and painting stages. The Octopus Scale Model Jig allows the handling of scale models, for easy access to all areas, eliminating any risk of marring the finish, or knocking off delicate details during both the painting and building process. 

The jig also serves as an elevated workstation while also providing a stable, flexible work holder.

While keeping in mind the huge challenge of having an extra hand, the Octopus Model Jig provides a steady, weighted base in addition to 3 interchangeable heads for the various components of armored models. 

The 3 interchangeable heads offer a steady hold of the lower hull, turret, and the completed model for either detailing, or weathering.

It is available from Sukērumoderā Model Shop

See it here in use



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