Here we look over a figure set titled 'Street Musicians 1930s/1940s'.


MiniArt continues to endeavour to meet the requirements of the diorama fans among us. This set offering 3 street musicians with the violin, a guitar and a accordion being played could in theory be used together or individually as the modeller desires. The figures look to be naturally posed for the instruments that they are depicted playing. Clothing style and appearance looks acceptable for the time period indicated, with over all crease and clothing detail meeting my expectation. On the down side, the amount of flash on one of the figures is particularly disappointing to see in a new release. To aid in the poses of the figures you are supplied with a simply wooden chair and stool, that also looks acceptable for the time period. The last sprue in this offering covers the musical instruments and offers a broad range from a set that has been previously released. I personally feel that you would be advised ti use the instruments indicated for use. One thing that I would consider replacing is the violin bow, which I would replace with a metal body and a thin piece of plasti-card to indicate the horse hair used in the bow, as what is provided I feel looks a little of the heavy side. The set itself offers a number of options as regards setting, with the figure playing the guitar possibly trying to serenade a female. The male sat playing the accordion could be sat next to a stall selling items, or backed against a shop front as the open case in front of him says to me “Give us some money!”. Finally the figure playing the violin is probably the best of the 3, when it comes to being shown entertaining some troops.



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