Here we take a look at a release from MiniArt in 1/35th scale providing a mix of products for the diorama fan titled Street Accessories, with Lamps and Clocks


MiniArt is well known for their diorama elements, which they do very well and in my book are a one stop company when it comes to looking for something specific. In this release we get a broad range which I class as street furniture for use in major cities from probably the 1920’s through to the 1950, early 60’s and in some places even today.


This offering from MiniArt is provided in a cardboard tray, with a separate card lid. The card lid did take some damage in the post, despite being packaged in another substantial cardboard box. Inside the box is an instruction sheet which is loose, and a single bag containing the parts for the release. A second bag is packaged within containing clear elements. There are nine grey sprues, six of one type and three of another. There are then six clear sprues, with four of one type and two of another, with a decal sheet in with the clear parts, and this is something that I do not like as it could easily lead to damage of the decals. An examination of the parts, reveals good access to the various elements but the finesse of some parts again leaves them open to damage during removal, and you have no spares. For instance the finely decorated street lamp arms have ten connect points to them, and due to parts sticking out taking a razor saw to it is not an option. I know they discussions have been held over snips for use for removing these parts, but I at this time am unsure how I am going to tackle it. 

We are provided with three street clocks, which are double faced and three alternate clock faces have been included in the set for them. Even the clock hands have been provided as separate parts, for you to set the time as you wish. A consideration is that if you took just one half of the clock faces you could mount then on a building, and then you have six clocks instead of three. Three poles and bases of the wrought iron design are provided, and I would have liked to have seen more of these included, as there are insufficient numbers to utilise the entire set, which I feel is an oversight by MiniArt. The lights themselves have been provided with clear shaped lenses, in two halves and if you have a steady hand it is not beyond the realms of reason to have a working LED with the cable running down the centre of the pole - just something for your consideration. 

Posts for the fencing provided are provided in two designs, and these again to my mind would be wrought iron - where as today they would be plastic. The wrought iron effect continues, with the decorative barrier panels are another element that meets with my approval. Again in wrought iron we have three benches, with wrought iron decorative ends and wooden seats. The last parts provided here, are twelve drain covers or grates if you prefer, you have six round offerings which I would really class as manhole covers and these have separate inserts and lids. There is then six of the oblong type. Again with separate inserts and tops, and these would be seen for draining water off of a surface. 


While all of the parts in this release have been seen previously, I cannot recall having seen them as a single item. The level of detail is very nice and other than the difficulty of removing some parts from the sprue, I very much appreciate having a set like this available for use piecemeal. Some parts are better suited then others depending on the scene you are looking to make, but they will add very pleasing eye candy to any setting. I reiterate my only negative, is that there are insufficient lamp posts for using all of the clocks and lamps provided.



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