ICM has released a new 1/16th scale figures and this time around it's a Soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


This introduction is as supplied by ICM:

The full-scale war that began in February 2022 posed a serious challenge to the Ukrainian army. Despite the difficult conditions and the difference in military capabilities, the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been highly praised by military experts around the world. According to some estimates, the Ukrainian army is now considered one of the most trained and skilled armies in the world. It is based on soldiers with real combat experience. The successful actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were largely made possible by their high motivation, independence in decision-making, and ingenuity on the battlefield. The mobility of the Ukrainian army during manoeuvring and movement is also noted. The basis of the combat power of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the Land Forces, which bear the brunt of the war. Infantry units of mechanized, motorized infantry, mountain assault brigades and the Territorial Defence Forces make up the bulk of the combat units involved in direct combat operations.


ICM has released another of its 1/16th scale figures, a series of products of which I am a fan. The model arrives in a flip top cardboard tray, with a separate card lid with artwork. Inside you get the usual square display stand, with option of 4 display surfaces; however, I think I would go with the tarmac version and replicate my own finish. Access to all of the parts and quality of the mouldings is good in all respects - there are no excessive gates between the sprue and parts and I am really impressed that ICM manage to mould solid legs and arms in this scale without getting any heat deformation.

The body of this figure is provided in 7 main pieces, 2 solid legs, 2 solid arms, a torso in 2 halves (front and rear), a flat top head finishes the example. The fingers of the figure as usual for ICM provided separately to show a realistic grip on what is in the hands. The uniform I am not even going to try and identify as equipment has been shipped into Ukraine from all across Europe and America to help bolster their forces. The 2 halves of the torso have a recess at the waist which provides an undercut and hides the joints in the legs. The arm joints at the shoulders fit to an unspecified point on the figure and this does make assembly problematic when tackled before ready to position them. 

The figure is wearing the boots seen most commonly on US dessert troops as seen in Afghanistan and Iraq I believe. The soles of the boots have been provided separately, and while they will not be seen, they will enable the modeller to show the tread pattern on the surface if required; you could of course show a portion of a vehicle for the figure to stand on. The trousers are a standard loose combat style, with large thigh side pockets. The torso pretty much hides whatever the top is due to a large armoured vest. The arms have the sleeves partially rolled up and fingerless protective gloves are being worn. The helmet is split into 2 halves with the chin strap provided in 3 further pieces and a goggle set which has its cloth cover in place. 

Knee pads are shown on this release, with the pad portion provided separately. Various pouches are provided and the only ones I am sure of are ammunition pouches. 2 radios have been included, I am unsure as to why there would be 2 but they are both shown in use. This trooper has been provided with the option of 2 AK47s, one with a grenade launcher attached and also a weapon that I believe Ukrainian troops are in the process of ditching. An anti-tank weapon which I believe is a fire and throw away system, such as LAW, is provided as well. 

A sheathed dagger

2 hand grenades

2 exposed magazines

a pair of dressing shears are included - which is a really nice touch

2 cylindrical objects are included, which I believe may be grenades for the under slung launcher on the rifle

Another radio is included here, and so if this guy is not in touch with his command then he really is in trouble!!

There are a number of small items that look like various buckles and I believe these may be provided in order for the modeller to add to the harnesses that they will have to scratch build

A touch that I have left till last is the face of this individual, with a very well replicated full bearded finish which gives the soldier a very unique appearance.



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