MiniArt continues to cover the Stug III but now in 1/72nd scale


This 1/72nd scale Stug from MiniArt will be a surprise to you, when it comes to the quantity of parts. There are 10 sprues of considerable size within this offering, and further parts in the form of a clear sprue and photo etch. The body of this Stug is made up of no less than 19 individual pieces, and this has enabled MiniArt to provide the modeller with a very high level of detail, due to the parts not being angled as such allowing the moulding process to impart very good surface detail. Suspension components consist of moulded on suspension swing arms, but there are a number of parts that also need to be added by themselves. The road wheel and idler consist of 2 parts each, with the drive wheel while consisting of 2 parts provides 2 options for use as you decide depending on your finish.

The tracks for the model are provided in link and length, which is a promising compromise but will require a high level of care when assembling the individual links for use around the drive and idler wheel. I do like that the upper track length has track sag moulded into it. The gun mount in this release allows for elevation and a small amount of rotation. I like that the barrel is a single piece moulding, and the gun brake is a separate single piece moulding. An MG 34 is provided in the release with drum magazines and is an exceptionally nicely moulded piece. The towing eyes for the cable are provided individually with you needing to source the wire or cotton for the actual cable. Even the spare wheels for this release have been well detailed on the rear hull, but the retaining metals bars are not included within the kit and you are directed to use plastic of a certain size. 

MiniArt has provided 5 finishing options for this release:

201st Stug-Abt, Greece, Summer 1943

322 Stug.Abt, Eastern Front, Summer 1943

1st Company Pz.Abt, “Rhodos”, Rhodos, Autumn 1943

Bulgarian 1st Assault Gun Battalion, Autumn 1943

10th SS Panzer Division “Frundsberg”. Pomerania, March 1945


This release from MiniArt in 1/72nd of a Stug III is arguably the finish mouldings I have seen. The inclusion of clear mouldings for the vision ports, the detail on the MG34 and the track links is absolutely stunning. When I opened this release, I was not expecting much but boy was I wrong. This particular release in very much near the absolute top of Stugs in this scale and I can only think of one that by beat it due to being multi media. But otherwise it is well out in front



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