CMK have announced a 1:35 3D-printed set featuring weapons carried in the closing months of WWII by the Volkssturm.

This set is the very first one of the new 3D range of products. The main difference is that now these sets are made directly on a 3D printer, but you can work with them the same way as you are used do working with the resin cast sets. This set brings nicely detailed fire arms of the German Volkssturm in the 1944-45 period. The set contains two MP3008 submachine guns of the second production style, one with metal arm rest, the other one with ersatz arm rest made of wood. Furthermore, you will also find in the set the 6.5mm Karabiner 409(i) – one of the most widely used Volkssturm rifles, originally the Italian Carcano Moscheto modelo 91 carbine. The final item in the set is the MG81, originally an aircraft machine gun, adapted for ground use, with a bi-pod.

CMK set #P35001 will be available from Special Hobby soon - Price: 7.70 Euros

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