In this review we get to take a look at one of the FC Model Trend figure releases in 1/35th scale titled 'Sitting GI WWII'.


FC Model Trend has begun producing a lot of releases in various scales using the 3D printing technique. This method has previously disappointed in some instances, due to there being an obvious layer mark between one layer and the next, an issue that I am pleased to say does not look to effect releases from FC Model Trend. One of the recent releases using this technique is titled Sitting GI WWII in 1/35th scale.


This offering from FC Model Trend arrives in a blister rigid plastic box, with a card insert providing information on what the model depicts. I will say that the description provided with this release is not entirely accurate, as while one of the figures is an American GI the other represents American Airborne Forces. The figures are mounted on a base plate, with the moulding web between the figure and the plate. The beauty of this is that the figures have good protection in transit. 

Both figures are in the seated position, and starting with the GI uniform detail appears to be acceptingly good especially in the area of the gaiters with the boots also having a nice level of detail to them. The M1 helmet unusually has the helmet strap around the chin of the figure, which adds a nice twist from the usual as typically the strap is shown above the rim of the helmet. The back of this GI figure is particularly nice as regards the equipment present, with the two back packs, the waterproof poncho - rolled and mounted across the top of the biggest back pack. Moving down to the waist we have a Colt 45 in a holster, bayonet in scabbard, hand grenade and ammunition pouches. Held in the right hand is a Garand rifle, with nice overall detail present. Being a 3D printed figure no assembly is required, but clean up will require a high degree of care as the rifle sling is moulded attached and will be very easily broken. One thing I have observed with these figures is that when initially looking at them I was a littler perturbed by the detail. However, once given a coat of primer all my concerns were brushed aside and so make sure you take this step before turning your nose up. One minor concern on the GI is that a flat area has appeared on the lower portion of the buttocks that will need a little bit of clean up to give it the correct shape. 

Looking at the Airborne figure, you will find some very nice details such as the altitude monitor on the arm. This particular item is not something that I was aware of from the period. The helmet has got a scrim net on it and the large bulbous chin guard on the strap is well depicted and hanging loose down the front of the torso. A large canvas bag is on the left side front of the figure and I am not 100% sure what this represents. What I believe to be a medical bandage is secured to the front of the helmet, and a water canteen is present on the rear right side. Webbing appears to be well replicated. I was always under the impression that a bayonet was secured in a scabbard on one of the legs, but this is not replicated here and a bayonet in its scabbard is actually present on the left rear side. There are some minor issues where the seated position is, and this would have been where the 3D moulding process started but clean up here is very minimal and will be easily corrected. 

Moving to the hand and facial detail, there are some very nice details present on both the face and the hands and a very small amount of cigarette is in the right hand between index and middle finger and the stance as a whole is a very natural position as regards the activity taking place. 


These two offering from FC Model Trend, initially caused me some concern as the shiny finish due to the result of the 3D moulding process affects the way you see the details on the figures. Once a matt primer has been added the details pop out, and bring the figure together as a whole and so enabling you to appreciate what is presented. I am a little concerned about the buttock area of the GI, however, with a little clean up and sat down with something behind them this becomes irrelevant. I do feel it is a little odd, mixing two arms of the army in a single release but again this does not detract from the figures themselves. The price that these are available for from the manufacturer adds to the appeal being in the €16 price range, or if you don’t pay tax the low €13 price range. 



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