Modeling a Typhoon-U from RPG Model? Not satisfied with vinyl tires supplied with the kit? Look no further, DEF Model has a perfect solution for you in the resin form: Russian URAL 63095 Typhoon-U Sagged Wheel Set (DW35137).


RPG Model released their 1/35 scale Russian URAL 63095 Typhoon-U (35008) in 2021. A special edition kit included resin wheels, but I haven’t seen many of those around. 

Most RPG Model Russian URAL 63095 Typhoon-U kits include regular vinyl tires. As with all vinyl tires, these are better put in the bin immediately after opening the kit box. It is not just that soft vinyl lacks details or that it is hard to paint and weather, but these Typhoon-U vinyl tires actually have an obvious error in the orientation of the tire tread. The same problem is evident on the resin wheels supplied in the “special edition”kit as well.

DEF Model to the rescue! The company recently released a resin replacement wheel set upgrade for the RPG kit: Russian URAL 63095 Typhoon-U Sagged Wheel Set (DW35137)


The set is packed in a typical DEF Model side-opening cardboard box, with the box art showing the contents of the set.

The box contains 6 resin pieces packed in a zip-lock bag, pre-cut masking sheets and masking instructions.

I am always very impressed with the quality of DEF Model resin, and this set in no exception to the rule. Superbly cast and with no imperfections whatsoever, the pieces feature a ton of well-defined details amazingly delivered in grey resin. The casting blocks are large, but very easy to remove. Located at the road wheel tire ground contact, the scars from the cleanup procedure should not be visible once the wheels are installed on the vehicle.

The set depicts Michelin XZL 16.00R20 tires, all-terrain, all-position radial XZL tire designed for special service and tactical vehicles, with dimensions of 1342 x 439 mm (52.9 x 17.2 in) and the approved rim width of 254 mm (10 in). The tire features non-directional tread with open shoulder design.

photos from

I found quite a number of reference images showing Michelin XZL 16.00R20 tires and compared the 1/35 scale offering from DEF Model to the photos of the real tire. The non-directional tire tread pattern is faithfully reproduced, unlike that of vinyl tire supplied with the RPG Model kit, which is actually a mirror image of the real tire tread. Along with a very authentic representation of the elaborate tread pattern, the tires in this set also feature several markings on their sidewalls: the MICHELIN X and 16.00R20 XZL labels, as well as the microscopic Michelin Man logo… absolutely amazing details! The bolt pattern on the rim is correctly delivered, together with Central Tire Inflating System (CTIS) cap. The hub features another set of bolts with the center hub details superbly defined as well. Sized to 38.15 x 12.05 mm, the tires in this set are a fraction of millimeter smaller than the real tire in 1/35 scale.

Check out the details. Amazing!

This set includes 3 slightly different wheel variants, two wheels each, marked as A, B and C. Each wheel version has the hub and the tire differently oriented in relation to the tire ground contact. This ensures the wheels fitted to the same side of the vehicle (A, B and C) do not look the same, adding to the realism of the model.

Fitting the wheels:

This wheel set is designed as a direct resin replacement for kit vinyl tires/plastic rims. The central hub opening should fit well into the RPG Model kit axles with no modifications required. Very easy and straightforward.

Wheel masks:

Three identical pre-cut masking sheets are included in this kit. The masks are of help when painting the wheels, allowing airbrushing without overspray. Also included is the instruction leaflet which shows two different ways of applying the masks and painting the wheels.


Russian URAL 63095 Typhoon-U Sagged Wheel Set (DW35137) from DEF Model delivers 6 resin replacement wheels, designed to upgrade RPG Model’s Typhoon-U 1/35 scale kit. Perfectly cast, these resin wheels are far superior to the vinyl tires supplied with the kit… from the correctly oriented tire tread pattern to the exceptionally defined details and realistically depicted tire sag, DEF Model set provides an essential upgrade for anyone building the Typhoon-U kit.

Highly recommended.


A big thanks to DEF Model for this review sample.



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