Foxhopp released a Russian/Iranian kamikaze drone as 3D printed kit in 1/35 scale.

1/35 Russian Geran-2 Large Kamikaze Drone

1/35 Russian Geran-2 Large Kamikaze Drone

Foxhopp Models is pleased to offer the first ever 1/35 model kit of the Russian/Iranian Geran-2 Shahed-136 kamikaze drone and launcher.

This drone is large and measures 77mm wide and 98.5mm making for an imposing addition to a diorama or even a stand alone display.

Each kit includes;

  • articulating launch rail
  • stand
  • sled
  • jet booster
  • drone 

This kamikaze drone was originally developed by the Iranian arms industry (HESA&SAI) in the late 2010s/early 2020s with the first public footage being released in December 2021. Since then it has seen extensive service with the Russian Army in the the Ukraine war, being used in it's intended role as a means to overwhelm air defenses by being launched en masse. It is 'cheap', slow and carries a ~50~kg warhead.

Originally imported from Iran, Russia has now established domestic production with Russian components with the aim of it's facility producing 6,000 drones by Summer 2025.

The Geran-2/Shahed-136 has been used in multiple conflicts with it's primary users being;

  • Russia
  • Iran
  • Houthis
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