MiniArt continues to produce great figures for the modeller to tell a story and here we have the 'Refugees Teacher Family'.


This offering from MiniArt arrives in one of their end opening cartons, with artwork on the front and assembly instructions on the back. All of the sprues are contained within a single plastic bag, I am not a fan of this due to the risk of damage as the carton is easily crushed. The product consists of a male and female. The male is shown carrying several cases, and the females is dragging behind a small wooden cart. There is a  glossy sheet inside the box covering assembly of the items being used by the figures. 

The clothing has been well depicted as regards style and creases, with the creases giving the clothes a very natural look. The clothing is suitable for the 1930s through to early 1940s in the European theatre. Hand and facial detail on these offerings is in my opinion exceptionally well done for injection moulded plastic with the faces looking very stressed and tired through possibly lack of sleep. I do have a concern, that the woman’s head looks a tad small, but that may just be because it needs to be inserted into a scarf.

 The wooden cart is very nicely detailed, for what it represents and careful painting and weathering should result in a tiny gem. The cases are pleasing in that they are all of different styles and sizes, that will encourage the viewers eyes to travel around the figure. For storage in the wooden cart, you are provided with 3 picture frames, with a choice of pictures being supplied on the sheet of paper covering construction of the elements other than the figures. Items for storage in the cart, a period wireless set, a lamp, and a globe on a stand. All of the elements are of a nice quality, and while this is a simple set in terms of what it represents, no corners appear to have been cut and I believe the modeller will be happy with their purchase, with your own personal abilities determining the quality of the finished product.


MiniArt has released a high number of civilian figures of late making them the leader in this aspect I believe and this offering is another great addition to the range. I think this is the third set of specific refugee figures that will mix well with previous and I suspect future releases. the figures lend themselves to being reasonable easy to modify and so variations has an appeal here for the scratch modeller,



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