Complementing LifeColor's Flesh set is this set of liquid pigments. These liquid pigments allow modelers to add color and subtle shading to faces and, well, any part of a bare body.

Packaging andContents

Packaging andContents

Quick Flesh Shadowing

This set of six 3/4 fl oz (22 ml) screw top bottles is packed in a good looking flip-top box.  English and Italian text on the back of the box generally explains how to use Liquid Pigments.  LifeColor numbers this set LP07 and you can view it here: LifeColor Liquid Pigment Flesh Shadowing Set

A liquid pigment (LP) is comprised of enough highly concentrated pigments in a carrier liquid to be translucent, without becoming opaque.  That sounds like a wash, but not quite.  A wash, at least in modeling terms, is a solution of highly thinned paint, resulting in low saturation of color, until it accumulates in small areas.  LPs are more like a glaze, which tints or modifies the color of the paint beneath it.   The result is something between a wash and dry pigments.

LifeColor does not explain what Green Chemistry is.  Regardless, although LPs are water soluble, LifeColor includes RE Remover, which LifeColor recommends use of, especially when the pigments have dried. Remover can also be used to blend the liquid pigments.

There are five colors and a bottle of pigment remover:

  • LPW 31 Ochre
  • LPW 32 Light Red
  • LPW 33 Red Umber
  • LPW 34 Green Shadow
  • LPW 35 Grey Shadow
  • RE Remover

Formulated for brushing, airbrushing, and sponges, Liquid Pigments are recommended to be used on satin or gloss surfaces.   They can be applied and removed as necessary, and mixed with each other, or with paints, to achieve a desired effect.

Instructions and Use

Instructions are printed on the back of the box. The English and Italian text is very fine and challenging to read.  The main "instructions" are the five illustrations at the bottom of the box.  The include the particular LPs used for the demonstrated effect.

Lifecolor offers PDF instructions for their other LP sets, and advertises a URL to instructions on the back of the box.  But a quick look through the URL found no "how to" for Quick Flesh Shadowing Liquid Pigments.


I shot each of these LPs through an airbrush onto a spoon coated with a mid-range flesh color from LifeColor's flesh set.  I found they apply better with a brush.   Through an airbrush, most of the LPs beaded and pooled along the edge of the spoon.   I include photos of each LP applied first with airbrush, then with a hairy stick.  I did not try to apply these with a sponge.

These pigments worked satisfactorily on several figures I painted.  These LPs were applied over brush-applied LifeColor flesh colors.   The next figures I paint will have a glossier base to try these on.


Quick Flesh Shadowing Liquid Pigments is a handy set that affords figure modelers a set of glazes to make their models as realistic as possible.   This set provides prepared colors for modelers who lack the time, expense, or desire to learn how to formulate flesh colors and effects.

Liquid Pigments are easy to use and perform very well when applied by brush.   I will try them on semi-gloss paint next.

They are easy to manipulate and blend.   Both Remover and water work well as thinner.  Depending on the surface they adhere to, Liquid Pigments are very durable and permanent without a clear coat when dry.

I am happy with the results I achieved with them and I recommend this set for modelers of figures.

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