Anyone who has ventured into dioramas especially those doing a winter scene with snow from modeller, member, and friend Peter Hinchliffe and one of the very best winter dioramas, Peter has captured a piece of history and one of the brutal winter battles of World War 2, "The Battle for Kiev" (Kyiv)

Adie Roberts continues his inspirations series to help modellers of all abilities to work out of their comfort zone building dioramas or just trying new builds. 

The Second Battle of Kyiv was a part of a much wider Soviet offensive in Ukraine known as the Battle of the Dnieper involving three strategic operations by the Soviet Red Army and one operational counterattack by the Wehrmacht, which took place between 3 November and 22 December 1943.

By 5 December, the mud had frozen. 48th Panzer Corps conducted a wide-sweeping attack north of Zhytomyr. Catching the Red Army by surprise, the German forces sought to encircle the Soviet 60th Army and the 13th Corps. Reinforced by the 2nd Parachute Division, the Germans drove eastward, putting the Soviets on the defensive. With Fastov also being threatened, the 60th Army withdrew from Korosten.

Vatutin was forced to ask Stavka for more reserves and was allocated the 1st Tank Army and the 18th Army. These new units, along with additional Corps from other sectors, were hastily rushed westward. Thus, the Red Army stopped the German advance, went back on the offensive, and retook Brusilov. Both sides were exhausted by late December and the battle for Kyiv was over.



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