A review of Plus Model Floor Tiles

Plus Model offers a quick and easy way to add the floor to a house with their Floor Tiles. It is a printed thin cardboard sheet of 19x13cm, available in black/white and red/white.

The tiles measure 0,90mm side, which translates to 31,50cm in real life, a usual size for them.

The print is perfect, without misalignment or colour fails, colour is solid and edges are straight The finish is gloss.

It an be cut easily with a sharp blade (important that it is sharp to avoid tearing the painted face), or using scissors. However using scissors is more difficult to get a straight cut.

Instructions advise to engrave lines along the tiles using the back of a blade, like real tiles. It really makes a difference, but it is good to practice before on a scrap part (header) of the sheet. For me, the blade was too thin, and a toothpick  scratched the paint. A small spatula was that worked best for me. It is important to carefully follow the lines.

Usually, a home's floor is quite clean, but it is possible to add a filter for a small color variation and richness. The sheet is waterproof to an extent, not being affected by water or odorless thinner as long as it is not soaked.

It is possible also to add dirt using acrylic or enamel washes. However, being gloss the pigments will not adhere well, either a satin varnish coat or applying them after washes will help.

It is possible to make broken tiles with a sharp blade and some dark pigment to highlight the crack. In this case, it is not possible to use any liquid paint as it will soak the paper beneath, extending and darkening the surrounding through the cut on the upper layer.


A simple and effective product, easy to use allowing the add the floor to a room with minimal effort.

In case needed, it can be weathered using the usual modelling products, either acrylic, oils or enamels.



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