The old Tamiya Patton done as US Marine Vietnam era.

Oldie Tamiya Patton Tank

I finished working with this model. I have seen that it is a fairly simple kit, without major problems for assembly, with very good instructions.

The tracks, are the originals, which although vinyl and not the best option, are "Tamiya", which is always a guarantee of quality, and have been very easy to assemble (they are wide and with 4 points of union instead of 2).

I have chosen not to overload with extra equipment the vehicle, because it is in question to choose between there is a lot of equipment or lose the painting/detailed work underneath (detail cast, weathering, etc.).

I have improved it as much as possible, without complicating it too much, some details of the kit, such as crystals for the periscopes, and the knobs of the boxes of spare parts, that I had spare in my box of pieces ...and add some texture to simulate casting.

Still, I added something extra besides what the kit brings, crates boxes, ammo boxes, backpack, several, and wire roll.

Although this is an old kit, modestly I think you could still get a good result, (I am reasonably happy with it).

I have chosen to make the Marine version in Vietnam.



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