A new line of 1/35 diorama props, maily about WWII

A new line of amazing highly detailed 3D resin printed diorama accessories covering many topics.

Props highly suitable  for dioramas of all themes , mainly about WWII time.

Now in a new reusable plastic case packaging.

Some of firsts items available:


WWII Radio equipment


- German WH3 transmitter/receiver with loudspeaker

- German Enigma encryption machine;

- American BC-1000 backpack field radio

 - American SCR536 field radio (walkie-talkie)

- Soviet A7 transmitter/reciever

- Resistance radio in suitcase

- Civilian home receivers

Iron cast stove (plus accessories)

includes a dissasembled iron cast and

- Logs and ax

- Split logs in basket

- Bellows

- Kettle and pot

Farm tools


- Ladder

- Wooden barrel

- Wheelbarrow

- Plow

- Water Pump

- Stone sharpener

- Anvil

- Buckets

- Basket

- Shovels and pitchforks

- Log and ax

- Oil lantern


The kit contains a complete set of civilian luggage from de 30’s – 40’s including:

- 6 Assorted suitcases

- 2 Trunks

- Briefcase

- Hatbox

- Doctor bag

- Luggage cart



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