This review covers the latest 1/35 scale figure release from DEF Model: Modern US Tank Crew Boresighting (DF35028). Sculpted using 3D technology and cast in resin, this figure should provide a slightly different touch to US tank model vignettes.


Boresighting is the process of aligning the bore (center of the barrel) of a gun with the sights. Boresight devices allow the crew to boresight weapon systems and the calibration devices and check the accuracy of the fire control system. These devices improve the accuracy of various tank weapon systems, as well as save ammunition, range time, and training time.

Soldiers from Company D, 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry Squadron, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division boresight their tanks prior to conducting gunnery at Grafenwoehr Army base during the multi-national training exercise, Combined Resolve II. (

DEF Model recently released a 1/35 scale figure depicting US tank crewman using a laser boresight device: Modern US Tank Crew Boresighting (DF35028).


The figure is packed in a hard cardboard box. The box features a CAD image showing the figure and the additional parts included in the set.

The box contains a zip-lock bag with resin pieces. The pieces are secured in several bag compartments to prevent transport damage.

The pieces look really good. The quality of molding is superb and I found no defects in the resin whatsoever, with the details perfectly defined. The set consists of 8 resin pieces: 5 for building the figure (torso with legs, right arm, left arm, head and sidearm holster) and 3 accessory pieces (boresighting device case (2x) and a barrel). Additionally, the set includes the boresighting device, supplied as two 3D printed parts.

The casting blocks are easy to remove using side cutters, modeling knife and some sandpaper. I would suggest being a bit more careful when cleaning the delicate 3D printed pieces.

Figure assembly is very much straightforward. The pieces fit well and the putty work was kept to a minimum.

The assembled figure looks really good in a well-balanced pose. The figure is depicted wearing Nomex Combat Vehicle Crewman (CVC) coveralls and CVC helmet. The details on the uniform are nicely delivered and the folds convey the feel of rigid nylon fabric well. The African-American facial features are superbly defined.

The figure is using the M27A3 boresighting device. The M27A3 is used to boresight the 120mm tank gun and comes in a specialized case with foam insert for securing the optical device.

This set includes both the case and 3D printed M27A3 device. Comparing the 1/35 scale version to images of the real boresighting device I found a really good match. The 120mm expanding adapter collet, muzzle cone, eyepiece assembly with diopter adjustment and collimation knobs… it’s all there. The 1/35 scale case is accurately sized to 20 x 6,50 x 5,80 mm, with the details nicely delivered.

Finally, here’s a photo of the assembled figure standing on a barrel, boresighting the gun of Abrams tank. The boresighting device fits well into the gun opening of Dragon’s Abrams offering.


Modern US Tank Crew Boresighting (DF35028) is an absolutely stunning figure set. Perfectly cast in resin and easy to assemble, the figure should provide a slightly different touch to US tank model vignettes.

Highly recommended.



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