I purchased several Pelican cases in 1/35 scale from Eureka XXL, various sorts and sizes. This review covers their Modern US Army PELICAN™ FTLK-1 Mobile Office™ Footlocker.


Pelican Cases are airtight, lightweight, watertight, dust and corrosion proof, unbreakable cases used to house industrial, airline, military, recreation and commercial applications. Pelican’s wide range of sizes offers endless opportunities for the storage, protection, and organization of all kinds of equipment—from the smallest PDAs and personal gadgets to laptops, sensitive instrumentation, weapons systems, and larger electronic and industrial devices.


Eureka XXL range of 1/35 scale diorama accessories is constantly expanding, with the latest releases depicting a wide variety of Pelican military cases. I recently bought several cases to use in my diorama projects and, after seeing the products up close and personal, decided to write short reviews for Armorama. This review covers Modern US Army PELICAN™ FTLK-1 Mobile Office™ Footlocker (E073).

The set is packed in a hard cardboard box. Opening the box reveals a zip-lock bag with a single resin piece. The resin looks good, with the details sharp and well delivered. I found a thin seam line along the bottom of the case which needs to be carefully removed.

The piece represents a specific military case, 472-FTLK-1 Footlocker Pelican™ Mobile Office™, the most versatile, secure and mobile footlocker in today's military. With the size of 83.8x 43.2 x 35.6 cm, the case is manufactured in four military colors: Black, Desert Tan, Grey and Olive Drab Green.

Closer inspection of the 1/35 scale resin piece reveals a very good match to the real thing. The soft grip handles are nicely rendered, as well as lock-ready hasps and two heavy-duty wheels. The complex shape and geometry of the case is well represented.

Sized to 24 x 12,5 x 10 mm, the case really is a miniature copy of the real thing.

Altogether, I really like the Pelican offerings from Eureka XXL and will certainly not hold back to get more of the items in the company's range of resin accessories.



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