Eureka XXL offers many different Pelican cases in 1/35 scale. This review covers their Modern US Army PELICAN™ 8-LAPTOP Case, Mobile IT™.


Expensive military equipment and supplies need to travel across some pretty hard terrain and arrive in perfect working order and ready for action – no exceptions. So, protection during transit is incredibly important. For over 30 years, Pelican Cases have built a reputation for being the toughest in the world: lightweight, waterproof, rugged, and shock absorbent.

Eureka XXL recently added a number of different Pelican cases in 1/35 scale to their resin accessory catalog. This review covers Modern US Army PELICAN™ 8-LAPTOP Case, Mobile IT™ (E072).


The set comes packed in a cardboard box, with a zip-lock bag that contains a single resin piece. The resin looks good and I found no casting imperfections. The details are sharp and well delivered in scale.

The piece represents a specific military case, 472-8-LAPTOP Laptop Case, Pelican™ Mobile IT™. This is a lightweight, extremely durable container that will shield portable computers from adverse conditions during travel and long-range shipping. Sized to 83.2 x 53 x 41.7 cm, the case is manufactured in four military colours: Black, Desert Tan, Grey and Olive Drab Green.

Eureka did a their homework before producing the case in 1/35 scale. The complex shape of the case is perfectly reproduced, and all the details represented to perfection: the grip handles, the lockable hasps, two heavy duty wheels... I compared Eureka's offering to the images of the real thing and found a perfect match. Very impressive!

Finally, with the dimensions of 24 x 15 x 12 mm, this 1/35 scale piece is a fantastic replica of the real 472-8-LAPTOP Laptop Case.

Highly recommended.



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