The Airbrush Company organizes modeling airbrush courses for all those beginning or wanting to improve their skills.

The Airbrush Company presents one-day classes, with tutor Jason Lake (ex LSA Models).

Our Airbrush Courses are ideal for anyone who wants to get started in airbrushing, or who has problems getting started with their airbrush.

We offer airbrush training taught by expert tutors on nearly every application, from beginners to advanced. These include custom painting, art & graphics, model painting and even cake decorating! Students have the chance to get hands on and try out various airbrushes, learn how to master a huge range of techniques, plus buy products at a student discount.

Modeller's Airbrushing for Beginners Training Course (Step 1) is ideal for any model painter who wants to get started in airbrushing, or anyone who has problems getting started with their airbrush. Learn how to achieve the perfect finish on your models with an airbrush. The training room is fully equipped with the highest quality equipment available on the market - Iwata airbrushes and compressors.

This course leads into Jason’s Modeller's Airbrushing Camouflage Course (Step 2) - which is based around water-based paints, using mainly LifeColor. Jason then continues with his Modeller’s Weathering Course (Step 3) - where he teaches various techniques by using airbrushes, powders, oils and more.

Steps 1-2-3 of the Modeller's Airbrushing courses can be booked together as a three-day class TC-JL3 and you will save £20 for attending the classes consecutively.

More info on the courses can be found here.



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