Darren Baker takes a look at the Model T 1917 with Vickers MG by ICM in 1/35th scale.


This offering from ICM is I believe the 4th time that this particular Model T LCP has been released. On this occasion to make it a little different, ICM has combined the model T with their Vickers machine gun, and so offering something a little different.


This offering arrives in a cardboard tray with a flip top lid and a card lid representing the artwork. On opening you will find two resealable plastic bags containing the parts. An examination of the contents reveals no issues with the moulding, and shown that the moulds although used a few times are holding up well.

As is usual for ICM they have continued to offer the modeller the oily bits of a vehicle. The detail of the engine is very good, and anyone who has seen any one of their Model T’s knows how good it can look. While there is no photo etch utilised, items such as the fans and belts have a reasonable thickness to them. The modeller will need to add wire to some areas in order to produce an accurate representation. The radiator is well moulded, and I like that ICM has supplied the water cooling pipes that connect to it.

The chassis of this vehicle is moulded as part of the lower body, and so none of those fears of it being assembled askew and the lower floor of the model is the central component to which everything attaches. Some elements of the chassis are provided separately but will be easily tackled without any concerns. Once you have added the engine and the fuel tank to the model, remembering to add the fuel pipe that you have of course scratched built you have a good representation of the oily and structural parts of the vehicle. The wheels are plastic mouldings and so will please those modellers that detest vinyl rubber. ICM unfortunately has still not given the modeller the ability to show the front wheels turned.

The upper part of the body involves the construction of the rear bed, and the seats. Good detail is present here, with only the seats needing to be given the “lived in” look. All of the instrument panel and controls have been faithfully replicated, and I am also pleased to see the battery provided in the front foot well area. The hood/bonnet has been provided in tow halves, and is actually made of four panels that are all hinged together. It will be difficult but not impossible to show the hood/bonnet open. ICM has provided clear lenses for the lights which is something that not all manufacturers include.

The Vickers MG supplied with this offering, and is provided to stand in the rear truck bed of the Model T. You have an option of two machine gun bodies, with different water cooling jackets. One being ribbed witch is the version I am most familiar with, the other is smooth and the only time I have seen this finish is when a leather cover is in place, but I am unclear as to what this represents. Detail on the machine gun itself is very good as regards sighting and gunners handles. A particularly well done element is replication of the locked elevation device which enables the gun to fire at a specific height. A machine gun belt is supplied, which will need to be heated and bent into a natural shape, as this particular belt is cloth and so would droop under the weight of the ammunition very easily, and was also reusable. An ammunition can is supplied, along with a water container with a pipe being required to be placed between the gun and the water container by the modeller. Two fully moulded tripods are included and the more upright one (part 5) will need to be used if displayed in the model as intended. 


This offering from ICM is quite a nice little combination, but I would have liked to have seen at least a driver and someone manning the gun in order to make this a complete package. All of the details that are included have been well done, and will have the possibility of looking very good once assembled. 



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