Model Miniature has three new publications, VAB Revalorisé ,VLRA : Véhicule Léger de Reconnaissance et d’Appui and CIADA 2021 COM E2CIA

VAB Revalorisé : Mission / chantier VAB "caisse" NTI 3

Already number 20 of the "Military Photo Report: the Mag" collection this time with a little tour on the maintenance side, more precisely in the RMATs, the Equipment Regiments.This is where we were able to follow for more than 2 years the different phases of maintenance, renovation, restoration and upgrading of one of the most legendary vehicles of the French army: the Armored Front Vehicle (also called more commonly "VAB").

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VLRA: Véhicule Léger de Reconnaissance et d'Appui

This issue 21 of Military-Photo-Report will present to you the Light Vehicle of Reconnaissance and Support, of its acronym VLRA in all its "seams".This booklet will detail in the first part, different versions of the VLRA.The second part, when it comes to it, will be devoted to walkarounds of different versions, detailing each part of the vehicle: engine compartment, wheels, cabin interior, etc.

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This 22nd issue of the Military-Photo-Report collection is a report on the sequence “Deliverance of the fires of CIADA 2021”.

This shooting demonstration carried out by the SGTIA (combined arms tactical sub-group) on the Symphonie course of the Suippes camp, aims to present to the Lieutenants of the Army, the use of weapons and their impacts in a job. combined arms.

It was through different materials such as Leclerc, Griffon, VBCI, VAB, VBL, Tigre, CAIMAN, or even the 120mm mortar that this demonstration took place. These materials come from 8 regiments from different arms of the Army: Artillery, Combat Tank, Engineers, Intelligence or ALAT (Army Light Aviation).

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