MiniArt is a company that goes out of its way to provide civil as well as military models products for the modeller and here we get a set titled 'Men with Wooden Barrels'.


This offering from MiniArt is provided in an end opening card container. Inside all of the parts are in a single plastic bag. The set provides 4 barrels in 2 different sizes, plus the boards for holding them on their sides. Depending on the setting they are used in there are taps included for the barrels - you will need to drill a small holes for the tap if used. It is worth noting that one of the end panels has a gap in the sprue where one of the plastic nipples should be, and this has been duplicated on both identical sprues, which while no issues have been caused in this set, there is the potential for issues going forward. The figures are on 2 separate sprues.

One is a large muscular male potentially getting on in years as he is starting to bald - the male is also topless apart from the apron portion of his overalls. The figure is exhibiting a quantity of flash, but is not at the stage where it would cause me to be annoyed. The muscular nature and fit of the parts does make me believe that filler will be required and the face I would like to have seen more detail. Otherwise an interesting figure. The second figure is more wiry, he is wearing a cap typically seen being worn by the Scots, the left hand is nicely detailed but the right hand is a little off and will benefit from some clean up. The face has all of the necessary features present, but they are not as sharp as I would like. There are different decals provided for each of the 4 barrels, which is a nice finishing touch. 


A nice figure set, with a purpose such as loading a lorry or delivering to a bar. The figures are not as polished as I have come to expect from MiniArt of late, but I am not going to complain too loudly about it.  



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