Masterbox presents two new figure sets, German military men, 1944-1945. Das Maschinengewehr ist dort and US Paratroopers, 1944

 “German military men, 1944-1945. Das Maschinengewehr ist dort!” - this kit continues the WWII subject and represents a group of four German elite infantrymen discussing the upcoming battle with the tank commander.


We would like to emphasize that the figure of the tank officer is made in such a way that it fits easily for any model of a German tank or self-propelled vehicle of that period (T-VI Tiger, T-V Panther, T-IV etc.), as well as for trophy types of tanks, for example, T-34.


The kit includes a sprue with the parts for assembling 5 figures of German military men from the WWII - three private soldiers and an officer of the elite infantry, and one officer-tanker.


35219 “US Paratroopers, 1944” - this kit is a remake of the old and successful 3511 "US Paratroopers, 1944" kit.

 The new version has two main differences:

  •  1. A new, much more expressive picture on the front side of the box that enhances sharply the emotional perception of the kit and increases its attractiveness to buyers.
  • 2. An additional sprue with ammunition produced by MiniArt. This sprue contains helmets and ammunition made at a higher quality level that takes the kit to a new level of quality and makes it more attractive to the modeller.

The kit includes a sprue with the parts for assembling figures of 3 US paratroopers from Normandy landings period that were in a difficult situation and were forced to shoot back to save their wounded comrade.



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