Eureka XXL released an extensive set for updating AFV Club's kit... 4 copper cables, 10 resin eyelets and 7 additional parts. Check it out!

ER-3567 - Set for M88A1 ARV

ER-3567 - Set for M88A1 ARV

ER-3567 - Set for M88A1 ARV (fit to AFV Club models) This set consists of 4 lengths of copper cable (for winch, crane and towing cables) and 10 resin eyelets and 7 additional parts in 1/35 scale.

The kit allows the valorization of the following items. Replacement of all ropes from the string from the AFV set with metal ropes, including: towing ropes with resin ends (thicker rope), main winch rope with resin ends (thicker rope), ropes supporting the crane mast with resin ends (thicker rope), crane rope (thinner rope). 4 pieces of tarpaulins. In order to select the appropriate length of metal ropes, strictly follow the instructions contained in the assembly manual of the M88A1 AFV Club model, the lengths of the ropes must be exactly as written. The load suspended on the crane hook is for illustration purposes only and is not included in the set. However, it should be added that if we want to achieve a realistic effect of taut ropes, it is good to hang a small load on the crane in the form of an element corresponding to the model (e.g. engine removed from the vehicle). One of the tarpaulins is matched to the G1 part from the set, the others can be used according to your own creativity.



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