Besides 1/35 scale United States, Royal Australian Army, NVA and Viet Cong figures, BRAVO*6 is releasing rifle sets used during Vietnam War.

B6-35332 Colt M16 Mod 62 ; Earliest model of the rifle used by USAF with three prong flash hider and without forward assist.

B6-35333 Colt M16A1 ; Standard rifle of the United States soldiers during Vietnam War with birdcage flash hider and forward assist.

Each kit includes 4 rifles and each rifle has a bonus spare magazine under the handguard. 

Small details like magazine release button, trigger, rear sight drum, slip ring, bayonet stud and different type flash hiders are well defined. Rifles are marked as A - ejection port cover open and B - closed. 

A photo-etched fret including gun slings, bayonet and bayonet handles, sling swivels and buckles comes inside the box and back side of the box shows how to assembly PE parts. 

 Highly detailed and nice cast rifle sets. Note that barrels may need extra attention when removing from sprue.

Thanks to Vladimir Demchenko for the review samples.



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