It really is easy writing reviews on DEF Model resin replacement wheels. Perfectly cast, with superb details and realistically depicted tire sag, these resin wheels are far superior to vinyl tires usually supplied in plastic model kits. This review covers M151A1/A2 Mutt Jeep Sagged Wheel set (DW35138), which not only confirms all of the above, but also provides additional suspension pieces to upgrade Academy and Tamiya M151 Mutt offerings.


DEF Model already covered the M151A1 with two sets of resin replacement wheels, which delivered early wheels. Both of these sets were previously reviewed on Armorama (DW35123 & DW35124). Recently, the company decided to renew their old set of late M151A1/A2 wheels (DW35038) and offer a reworked set, designed to fit Tamiya and Academy M151 kits: M151A1/A2 Mutt Jeep Sagged Wheel Set (DW35138).


The set is packed in a small cardboard box. The box shows an image of M151 Mutt model with the DEF Model resin wheels fitted.

The box contains a zip lock bag with resin and 3D printed parts, a masking sheet and masking instructions.

I thoroughly inspected the pieces and was very impressed with the quality of DEF Model resin. There is no evidence of any casting flaws, no air-bubbles to fill or seam lines to remove. Perfect! The thin flash residue in the rim openings should be cleaned using the appropriate size drill bit. Front suspension A-arms are included as 3D printed pieces.

Overall, the pieces feature loads of details, superbly defined and nicely delivered.

The casting blocks are located on the bottom part of the road wheel tire. Removing the blocks should not present any problems or leave a visible scar once the wheels are installed on the model. The casting block on the spare tire is designed with the attachment point following the central ridge of the tire tread, ensuring no details are lost during cleanup. I suggest using side cutters, sharp blade and some fine grit sandpaper. As for removing and cleaning 3D printed parts, these should be handled with sharp pointed side cutters and some sandpaper. Be careful… these are delicate pieces and could easily snap if manhandled.

The set depicts Cooper Cross Country 7.00-16 tire, a tube-type, bias ply, non-directional military tire, used on many Cold War military vehicles. The tires are mounted on the late-type steel rims which feature 10 round openings, 5 lug pattern and lifting eye hub caps.

I compared the images of the real Cooper tire and rims to their 1/35 scale counterparts from DEF Model set and found a really good match. The tire features the non-directional cross country (NDCC) tread pattern, and the sidewalls are full of various microscopic inscriptions and embossing. I could read some of the lettering (COOPER CROSS COUNTRY, 7.00-16 LW), while some were too much for my poor eyesight. The shape of the late 10-hole rims is realistically reproduced with 5 lugs and lifting eye hub caps. Altogether, very impressive!

The tires of the road wheels are depicted slightly sagged. The sag realistically conveys the compression of the tire due to the weight of the vehicle.

The set includes two slightly different variants of the road wheels, labeled as A and B. The two variants differ in orientation of the tire compression, rim and lifting eye hub caps. This ensures that wheels fitted to the same side of the vehicle do not look identical and repetitive, but slightly different, adding to the realism of the model.

And here is the spare tire.

Along with the resin replacement wheels, this set includes 4 nicely detailed brake drums, which should enhance the look of the finished model.

Also, the set includes two 3D printed upper A-arms which are missing in both Tamiya and Academy kits.

Here’s how the front suspension looks on the real M151.


DEF Model also supplied images on positioning suspension parts from their set: link.

The set also includes the spare wheel reflector part. Here are the photos of the real thing and the DEF Model piece:

DEF Model image can offer guidance on positioning the part: link.

Wheel masks:

A pre-cut masking sheet is included in this kit. The masks are of help when painting the wheels, allowing airbrushing without overspray. Also included is the instruction leaflet which shows two different ways of applying the masks and painting the wheels.


M151A1/A2 Mutt Jeep Sagged Wheel Set (DW35138) from DEF Model delivers resin replacement wheels for Tamiya and Academy M151A1/A2 kits in 1/35 scale. The set contains 4 road wheels and a spare wheel, featuring Cooper Cross Country 7.00-16 tires on late-style rims. The set also includes brake drums and front suspension upper A-arms, which are missing in Tamiya/Academy plastic kits. The pieces are perfectly cast in resin, with superbly defined details.

Altogether, it really is a no brainer. Resin wheels are far superior to vinyl tires/plastic rims included in Tamiya and Academy kits, while the brake drums and front suspension pieces included in the kit provide a great addition to enhance the realism of the model. Highly recommended.


A big thanks to DEF Model for this review sample.



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