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M10 "BOOKER" Combat Vehicle

During a celebration of the service’s 248th birthday. the U.S Army announced the new name for its latest light tank, known and developed with the name MPF, and now the M10 Booker.

The M10 weighs almost 40 tons, with a 105 mm main gun. M10 is transportable via C-17 aircraft which could be also used to support friendly forces by engaging, suppressing, or destroying enemy light armors.

Magic Factory NEW ITEM – 1/35 M10 Booker Combat

Vehicle (No.2007) will accurately present this new type of equipment.

This kit contain moveable tracks and suspension system,

The pitching angel of main gun is adjustable,

Including well detailed of DVE-WIDE, Infantry phone and Tow-bar arms;

Including the PilarV Acoustic Gunshot Detection System, and well detail of turret rear basket (the basket could selected as opened/closed;

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