Third book of MrBlack Publications new series on how to use LifeColor products.

MrBlack Publications released the 3rd book of their new series published in close collaboration with Lifecolor paints.

The books offer information on painting, weathering and finishing scale models in Lifecolor paints to get the best results. Each article has a full list of Lifecolor’s colour paints that were used for the painting and weathering processes.

It includes 3 articles ;

* Paper Panzer Leopard - Painting and Weathering a Tank with Lifecolor Products

* Laser Cut WWII Soviet Wooden House - How to Paint a Wooden House using Lifecolor Paints and Liquid Pigments

* WWII German DAK Soldier’s Encounter with a Chameleon - How to Paint a Large-Scale Bust with Lifecolor Paints and Pigments Using an Airbrush and Brushes

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